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Shandong Asahi chemical Limited by Share Ltd
In order to further extend the industrial chain, create new profit growth points and speed up the implementation of the development strategy of chemical rubber integration, China Wanda Group established a wholly owned subsidiary“Shandong Hongxu Chemical Co., Ltd”. The company is located in West of Gangxi 1 road, North of Gangbei 1 road of Dongying Port Economic Development Zone,Dongying City, Shandong Province,which adjacent to Dongying Port Terminal,and the Donggang Expressway runs through the hinterland, convenient water and land transportation facilities provides a geographical location advantageous. The company built 90,000 tons / year of Methyl Methacrylate (MMA) production and raw materials supporting projects, which is one of the fine chemical industry projects belong to China Wanda group, it has a vast The development of space and good market prospects.
Shandong Keluer Chemical Co., Ltd is joint venture between China Wanda Group and Sinopec, it has 260,000 tons/year of Acrylonitrile and related support projects, and The project’s Acetone Cyanohydrin technology for Methyl Methacrylate production is mature and reliable. Base on the National Safety and Environmental Protection Laws and Regulations, if the Acrylonitrile plant’s by-product Hydrocyanic acid exceeds 26,288 tons/year, it must be processed in situ comprehensive utilization, as solution, Shandong Hongxu Chemical Co., Ltd constructed a 90,000 tons / year Methyl Methacrylate and its supporting projects uses the by-product of Shandong Keluer Chemical Co., Ltd, the company project is build to minimize the environmental pollution and deemed to be an environment-friendly comprehensive utilization projects. Raw materials Hongxu Chemical used are mainly from Shandong Keluer Chemical Co., Ltd’s by-product of hydrocyanic acid, and 98% of the sulfuric acid from Tianhong Chemical Co., Ltd. The remaining raw materials are easy to source within the province.
Compared with the similar domestic plant, Hongxu Chemical has advanced technology, perfect safety measures, high degree of automation, optimized staffing and high production efficiency. Companies engaged in chemical trade for many years, has a fixed sales channels and excellent end user groups, it also gained an excellent reputation in the market.
The location of the Company is adjacent to Dongying Port,the water transportation is very convenient, as 90 nautical miles away from Tianjin Port in the north and 72 nautical miles away from Longkou Port in the east. The distance between Bohai Bay and Dalian Port is 122 nautical miles, connecting the Bohai Strait with other abroad ports. Dongying City has more developed inland road transportation, expressways extending in all directions. Dongying Port Economic Development Zone traffic is very convenient, the geographical position is extremely advantageous. The project is located in the hinterland of the target market to provide customers with cheap products, the project has an unparalleled advantage.

Address: Dongying City, Shandong Province, Kenli China administrative district of Minfeng road Wanda Building

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