Geographical Location
its location adjacent to Dongying Port Terminal, Donggang Expressway runs through the hinterland, convenient water and land transportation facilities,and located in the hinterland of the target market to provide customers with cheap products, it has a vast The development of space and good market prospects.
Equipment Technique
The project’s acetone cyanohydrin technology for methyl methacrylate production is mature and reliable, compared with the similar domestic plant, Hongxu Chemical has advanced technology, perfect safety measures, high degree of automation, optimized staffing and high production efficiency, the methyl methacrylate (methyl methacrylate MMA) purity is than 99.95%, acetone cyanohydrin (ACH) purity is more than 99%
Management advantages
     Company engaged in chemical trade for many years, has a fixed sales channels and excellent end user groups, gained excellent reputation in the market. Experienced company leaders, involved in the development of MMA industry standards.

Address: Dongying City, Shandong Province, Kenli China administrative district of Minfeng road Wanda Building

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